wildlife preservation

We care for your child, our planet and their future.

We strongly consider the need for our generation and future generations. We strongly feel the need to take better care of our planet, animals included. animals. Animals cannot speak for themselves, thus we will need doing so.

Creating Awareness

Let’s go wild for wildlife preservation.

Baby Bello takes her responsibility by donating part the profit of their protected animal collection to the “No Wildlife Crime Foundation”. This foundation aims to protect animals by paying the salary of rangers, ensuring enough resources to protect and to tracks down poachers. In addition the foundation supports local projects worldwide to increase animal welfare.

Endangered Animals

Human rights do not include animal wrongs.

Humans are the greatest threat to endangered animals. This is mainly due to poaching, habitat destruction and the effects of climate change. A small selection of animals which are threated are: Gorillas, Amur Leopards, Sea turtles, tigers, rhinos and pangolins. Wouldn’t you want children of future generations to get to know these species?

Help out more

For the future. For the world.

We as Baby Bello try to do our part. It’s all about creating awareness. Do you want to help out more? Great! Please use below button to donate extra to a good cause.

Protecting sea turtle habitat.

Worldwide, six out of seven turtle species are threatened or endangered. Did you knew?

I’m happiest when floating in the sea

With just a few simple ways everybody can support wildlife sea turtles: Try to reduce your plastic usage and recycle plastic, Choose responsibly caught seafood, try to reduce your carbon footprint: go walking or take the bicycle!