committed to social & environmental sustainability. 

We care for your child, our planet and their future.

We strongly consider the needs for our generation and future generations. We work in such a way that all aspects are approached ENVIRONMENTAL sustainable. Therefore we at baby bello examine all production phases, supply chains and used materials to ensure the highest business ethics.

Organic cotton.

For the future. for the world.

Our organic cotton is produced without the use of synthetic pesticides and FERTILIZERS. The soil of the earth because so improves, there is lower gas EMISSION, while stronger biodiversity. In addition, the health of the cotton workers is not COMPROMISED, while less energy and water is used.


we feel that circularity is very important for future generations. thus our filling solely consists out of recycled POLYESTER. In addition, for the coloring we only use ENVIRONMENTAL friendly dyes.

FSC-certified Wood

Responsible forest management.

all our wooden products are made out of fsc-certified birch wood from china. this preserves biological diversity, protects animal WELFARE and reduces deforestation. 

Organic & Sustainable kids toys. We use the best and softest materials in our products.

Made with love & care, respecting nature.

Our production is controlled with BSCI certificates, to ensure the highest social responsibility standards in the full supply chain. All personnel are treated ethically and this includes freedom of association, fair remuneration and health & safety.

Organic Cotton from India