About us

We care for your child, our planet and their future.

Baby Bello designs organic toys and ACCESSORIES for babies and MOMMIES. the company is founded in 2018 and our products are available worldwide. we are based in amsterdam.

We strongly care for your child, our planet and their future. We focus on designing beautiful products which are ENVIRONMENTAL sustainable. Furthermore, I personally care about all aspects of doing ethical business. this includes human wellbeing, animal welfare and planetary health.

For the future. for the world.

Martijn Kamminga


All products of baby bello are designed by Me. I am the youngest member from a creative family, with a mom as a BALLET DANCER and a dad as a interior DESIGNER. at home we always loved danish fashion and danish interior brands, subtle colors and MINIMALIST designs are my personal preference.

starting my own brand with a tinge of danish design & a touch of urban minimalism was a dream come through. LAstly, I graduated with honors from my master degree in business & accounting.